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Charleroi esports Tournament DAY 2


Charleroi Esports is an association of three partners (RTL Spiroudome, Sporting Charleroi and LouvardGame).

The Esport is a booming global phenomenon, this one dresses as well by doing it online ... Read more about 2017, all competition combined and around the world, the Esport has collected nearly 385,000,000 spectators. This figure is mind-blowing for Esport's market analysts could soar and reach $ 1.650 million by 2020.

It is natural that the event offers a competition on the game Counter-Strike. Played for more than 18 years, it is possible to adapt it in time and become a real reference in the field of electronic sport. He quickly established himself as a competitive game! By buying a gain of 100,000 euros, we have become acquainted with some major European or even global teams. It has not yet been proposed in Belgium, you take part in a new event!

It will take place at the RTL Spiroudome from 12 to 14 April 2019.

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65,00 €